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New book

I have had some very useful visits to Yorkshire mills and industrial museums over the summer and have been working on a new book. It is still in proof form, while I work on the cover, but will be finished soon.

New work

Now that the academic year is coming to an end, I can focus on some new ideas which I have been developing. I want to combine some of my prints with words and poems about the Yorkshire Woollen industry:

Last days of the MA Show

The MA Shows and our own Interim Show at Camberwell come to an end tomorrow evening. There is an exciting range of work and also lots of affordable art in the shop.

The shows have been very successful and have raised a lot of interest. Many visitors have called in to see the exhibition.

Curating the end of year display

The Book Arts and Printmakers at Camberwell curated their end of year display yesterday, with the help of Dan Howard-Birt. There is an interesting collection of books and prints, which are worth seeing if you are in Camberwell between July 12th-18th.

I am displaying two books:

MA shows at Camberwell 2018

The MA Visual Arts Shows at Camberwell take place from July 12th-18th, in the old Victorian building (3rd floor). The first year Book Arts and Printmaking students are having a display of their work in the same location at the same times.

Monday-Friday 10am – 8pm, Saturday and Sunday 11am -4.30 pm.



Morgan Doyle RE has been in the print room this week, producing some wonderful prints and he has encouraged me to be more adventurous with my own work and to add colour. I have been thinking about  how to work in a more imaginative way.

Prints and Books

I have been working on a series of prints which will become leporellos (accordion books). They are drypoint and mixed media on Fabriano paper. The paper is 100 per cent cotton – not something I have worked with before: