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‘National Gallery’ film

Frederick Wiseman’s new film was released this weekend . It is a fascinating ‘behind the scenes’ exploration of the work of the Gallery. It shows the work of some of the craftsmen who work there, lectures, receptions for the great and good (and, presumably, rich!), curation of major exhibitions and some toe curling scenes at Board meetings. It is 3 hours long but is very absorbing.

Witches and Wicked Bodies

This was, to me, a surprisingly enjoyable exhibition at the British Museum.    I didn’t think I was interested in either witches or wicked bodies! However, the exhibition was very well curated and there were some marvellous prints. As always, I was drawn to the Goya and Paula Rego aquatints, which were stunning (though the subject matter could give you nightmares!).

What David Hockney’s Mum thought of LA

I loved James Naughtie’s interview of David Hockney on Radio 4 on December 27th. Hockney spoke of the importance of drawing and his dismay that it had been abandoned by many art schools in recent years (not at City Lit!). He talked about having his portrait painted by Lucian Freud (and painting his). When he was asked what his mother thought of LA, he said she wondered why no-one had their washing out because it was such good drying weather in all that sunshine. A good Yorkshirewoman who had her priorities right!

Arty weekend in Clerkenwell coming up!

There will be lots of interesting events in Clerkenwell this weekend (November 27th-30th) when Cockpit Arts have their annual open event and many of the galleries around Clerkenwell Green take part in Made in Clerkenwell. The crafts on display are usually of excellent quality and it is an opportunity to meet the makers and see a great range of work; it is especially good if you like jewellery. The Goldsmiths’ Centre on Britton Street will also be open to visitors.

David Hockney interview and film

There was a really interesting interview on the Radio 4 Today programme yesterday BBC News – David Hockney ‘The suburbs have taken over Bohemia’, in which Hockney says that, at 77, he is working harder than ever. He continues to try out different techniques, embracing new technology.

This to be followed up by a film, which will be released on November 25th, and a documentary on BBC 2 in 2015. It should be well worth watching.