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If there is anyone out there still reading this website, you may like to know that I am now working on a new website and will be posting most of my work on that from now on.

It is:

Thanks for reading these posts in the past.


Examination day today!

Today is the day when the examiners look through our work for the MA.

My 3 metre piece of Yorkshire wool cloth is laid out across two tables, with books on top and my ‘commentary’ (‘a proper book’) alongside.

More later …!

Folding and pasting and book making at West Dean

I had a very enjoyable and productive 3 days at West Dean with Cas Holmes, working with paper, textiles and other materials, to create books. It is such a beautiful place to spend a few days and it was a very good class. The gardens are beautiful at this time of year.I

I tried out a number of new techniques and made a couple of books, as prototypes for my next project:

How to Make …

It’s been a busy couple of months and I have made lots of new work.

One of the MA projects was to create a ‘How to make’ book. It had to contain enough instructions for anyone to be able to make the end product but could be serious or playful. I made a Special Edition of a book entitled ‘How to Make … a Silk Purse out of a sow’s ear’.



I wrote about the kind of pigs’ ears that might be suitable and how to find them.

The pack contained two pieces of silk, 1 metre of cord and a safety pin so that people could make a silk drawstring bag.


New book, for The Bristol Art Library

I have enjoyed making a piece of work for The Bristol Art Library.  Thank you to the Head Librarian for the invitation to contribute a book.

It’s about the day I met Henry Moore and he offered me (and my colleagues) a sculpture.

We were at his home, Hoglands, and he said ‘come and walk around the garden and choose one’!

A magical occasion.                                                                                   


A little book

I have been working on a little book for the Leeds International Book Fair (March 2nd/3rd). It has a Yorkshire theme and a wool theme and – as it is Valentine’s day – a love theme too!

I have always been fascinated and amused by some of the job titles in the textile industry. My favourite is the ‘greasy percher’.

This is a book about greasy perchers and other workers in the old Yorkshire woollen mills.

It’s called Life and Love in a Yorkshire Woollen Mill.

It is a Limited Edition hand made book and is illustrated with trace mono prints.

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